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Foreign Trade before sending samples: judgments, proofing and expenses

Send a sample of the problem, is how the selection of potential customers and develop business relationships. Below we will send samples before and send samples, send samples to analyze, respectively, after three stages, I hope to give you some enlightenment.

Before sending samples: judge, proofing and expenses

How to determine whether sending samples? How to effectively control the sample delivery cost?

First, a clear principle of sending samples, their company

1, clearly positioning the company and its overseas expansion strategy

? Is power limited, the early overseas expansion, hoping a strong control of the company cost of sales the company? Or strength, hope more overseas expansion efforts of companies willing to invest?

? The former, can live within our means; the latter, the sample area (samples, freight) to do the budget.

? Proposed the establishment of the sample according to the customer to send the standard level.

? From the perspective of the company during a certain sales volume and the amount of samples to budget.

2, in-depth analysis of potential customers to judge

? Generally speaking, the cooperation has been a long time, know these exact details of the old customers, consider the sample charges, freight free.

? Design client background questionnaire (see annex), to understand the new customer; If it is sincere customers do not mind in-depth understanding of each other, they would also have very specific kind of inquiry and send requests.

? For new customers in good faith, can tell though the sample is free, but the development of both business account, please pay for shipping the other side.

? Hope to provide multiple samples of one-time, and do not want to pay any fees, by further detailed analysis (the other company background, sample applications, etc.), the appropriate treatment.

3, and product-related

? From the company's point of view, we should first clear the sample and freight costs.

? Let the customer know, even if the samples free of charge, regardless of the value of what are your company's operating costs.

? Samples of high value, freight is also expensive, both old and new customers please each other with the understanding, the spirit of common development, hoping to share each other's shipping.

? Standard template letter can be prepared in advance, send the samples to clarify the basic issues.

4, to understand our customers like the use cable for future orders bunk. Common use of cable customers like the following:

? Simply collect and analyze different samples

? Product testing the parameters

? The end user experience

? Potential, visible orders

5, right frame of mind: not only have to bring order into the value of the sample

? Think about ads. Only let more people know, be possible to have more and better results.

? Even if no orders are available via customer feedback, understand the target market of the latest market and product needs to be improved and product line elements of R & D direction.

? Some products such as textiles, subject to the component inspection; such as mobile phones, and subject to the relevant network testing (usually 2-3 months), so be patient.

Second, do not send samples and send samples of several situations

(A), without sending samples of the situation:

These probably are "total stranger" type. This situation is more common, I believe we already have heard, that there is no contact before a trading company by fax in the form of a sudden (or similar form) expressed interested in you. Particular I would like also in two ways:

1, "monologues" category:

Concept, features: I hope to provide samples for testing, also asked to provide company profiles, business licenses, corporate business cards, etc., usually have a fixed format. If you send samples of the past, it will soon be answered, and asked to go where the company signed a contract (from receipt of sample to the next one time can be described as rapid.

Evaluation: These companies usually have their own office space, but they are not really doing business. As for why it is, I still tried to think of ... ...

Such entities are generally hanging branch companies in Hong Kong and other brands, more coastal areas.

2, "two-man" category:

Concept Features: This ratio above the "monologues" to smart a little (a little more). As the name suggests, there needs the close cooperation of both. A plant that is (not contacted) reported a sudden the phone said: "Our side is a manufacturer, we now need to be your sole agent in the XX area sales. (And so on) ... ..." Just when you are confused, there is a The other unit - called B factory (also not linked to them) what phone to announce what products need, and this product is the A plant provided; This way, you might suspect A Plant B Plant will be covered by the inquiry, so that the bait. Then you will be led by the nose. B sides to their questions, as if double reed, they were certainly not lose.

Evaluation: do not bother big lie or a small lie, in short their mission is "cheating on a word!" This is happening primarily in the inland areas.

For these two tricks is easy to prevent, as long as we do not take any cheap like. After working hard to not necessarily productive, let alone bring it to a free lunch?

(B), should send samples of the situation:

1, their links to domestic and foreign companies, after several consultations (inquiry, offer, counter offer, etc.) and in order to enable customers to better understand their products, can be considered sample! This case should be a relatively normal conditions.

2, for some larger, more famous in the industry-wide clients, we must take the initiative, take the initiative to visit, take the initiative handed him the information, otherwise not grab opportunities, competition in the market probably will fall into a difficult situation.

If you take the initiative to send their own kind, the sample does not necessarily send too many, representative point, or novelty thing on it. However, the quality of the sample must be assured to know that the sample is representative of your company, the sample is not good, is equal to your company's name on the inferior label affixed to each other leaving a bad first impression. The first impression once formed, may be difficult to change later. Therefore, we must pay attention to the customer's "first impression" - the quality of the sample.

If the customer sending samples should be used to satisfy other reasonable requirements; attention, I say here, "reasonable", if the other one-time to dozens of samples, the factory may not come up with so many products at once, or cost-based question do not want to show too much, so need to work with each other to discuss this. Some customers will agree to send several representative; some customers still all have to, but can give you time for you to sample preparation or partial pay. In this case, I agree as far as possible to meet customer requirements.

(C), can be sent from time to send the case:

In fact, in dealing with potential customers as part of the process, make you feel kind of determination to send and not send the determination to make almost the same situation, I have come out of it alone.

Here, potential customers or not, or the product is not quite a match, contact may also be less frequent and enthusiastic, so people could not get the spirit. I think this will reflect differences in the corporate purpose. If you plant the larger the sample fee is almost not a problem, can afford won, but the factory also hope to expand business by various means well known, it might worth a try, after all, this is an opportunity; but if you plant not too much surplus funds, or there is no specific budget for this enterprise is also in line with sound marketing policy, it would not have sent.

The two send and not send too little difference between good and bad, which is reflected in different circumstances different enterprises, such differences exist is completely normal.

However, some people holding "the factory to have backbone," the idea, said the encounter did not pay the sample will not send samples of this generalization is too biased point of view. After all, you are to own (the factory) Contact business to be profitable when the loss of not others, why should loyalty in this manner? This is absolutely no relationship with the backbone.

Third, in the face of the distress sample fee

Sample charges, suppliers face anguish! Supplier is so think.

1, consider the cost. Face one after another inquiry, samples, freight is a large overhead. Great enthusiasm and expectations, and then again just market stuff has been. Who does not heartache. Who are you?

2, the test of sincere buyers. A true buyers who cares so little shipping! And some suppliers have a consideration, if buyers continue to give orders, then the sample fee is free, in the payment button.

3, anti-COPY. China suppliers, competitors between, COPY is very common, brought, borrowed, stolen doctrine. By purchasing the sample, COPY vendor products.

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