Saturday, September 25, 2010

Performance of the interview should be noted that several principles

Deepening the current reform of the tobacco industry, performance appraisal as a way of management by objectives to be applied in practical work. In the performance appraisal, the interview is an important aspect of the effect of a direct impact on interview performance appraisal assessment. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the work of the performance interview.

Performance appraisal interview is a communication between processes, communication should be carried out smoothly to reach understanding and consensus on the purpose, there must be a kind of an atmosphere of mutual trust. To establish such a trust relationship, both sides have to straighten your mind, open, honest communication. In a clear and unified purpose of the interview will be followed by the exchange based on mutual equality, respect and cordial atmosphere. If the evaluation of subordinates supervisors, subordinates should be allowed to be expressed fully the opportunity to interview with opportunities for subordinates to speak out their true thoughts. On the other hand, evaluation personnel should pay attention and learn to listen, to listen not only to remain silent does not speak, but to truly understand each other's words to heart, listening not only to maintain good eye contact, but also do not take any bias while listening to the overtones. As the two sides in the course of the interview may have different opinions, and therefore may be controversial, as the supervisor or assessing officer should try to avoid violent confrontations and conflicts arise, should not be used leadership assessment party authority or power to suppress the other, but there are different views on the issue should be to communicate clearly, many standing on each other's point of view, the understanding for each other.

Performance interviews that both sides should discuss and evaluate the performance, that is, the performance of the work of some of the facts, instead of discussing the character of individual employees. However, if certain personality traits and job performance related, such as an employee because of poor communication with people influenced the work necessary access to information can not be well with others, thus affecting the performance of key influence on the performance of such character traits or should point it out. Interviews should also pay attention to both the strengths and weaknesses, not as a good employee performance, many advantages can hide his shortcomings, not as a staff to deny the obvious shortcomings of his advantages.

In addition, interviews should be more focus on the future rather than in the past, although a large part of the interview is to review past work performance and evaluation, but its purpose is to summarize the facts from the past to the future development of some useful things, more attention should be paid formulate future development plans.

Finally, it should end in a positive way to interview, it is best to subordinate employees are encouraged to be evaluation objects inspired, strengthen work motivation. Rather than passive resentment into the interview after the work. Assessment score is not high, the negative feedback more staff should be more encouraged, or at least make him feel: Although my assessment results are not ideal, but I get an objective understanding of their opportunities, I found the direction they should strive to , and in the course of my progress will be executives to help.

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